The Dan Tapes: Outdoor Kitchen Interview with Dan Foreman

Meet Dan Foreman (@DanScapes), a Landscape Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Last month, we caught up with Dan about all things outdoor kitchen for trade whilst exhibiting at the Sydney Home Show. He talked about why he rates Grillo for landscaping projects and shared his thoughts, from a Landscaper’s point of view, on Aussie outdoor living and why being able to give clients an outdoor kitchen is a game-changer for his projects and clients!

We thought Dan’s insights were too good not to share. That’s why we’ve brought you ‘The Dan Tapes.’ Tune in below!

Three reasons to go Grillo From Dan

Three key points of the Grillo outdoor kitchens that I absolutely love, the first being the quality of the product. The quality of the product is fantastic, gorgeous porcelain worktops, great appliances. That’s really, really important. The second one would be the versatility of the product. So to be able to have those modular kitchens, to be able to change the design to suit the space is super important for me. And the third is: an outdoor kitchen like this finishes outdoor areas. It brings people together, and gives an overall atmosphere, which is super important.

Grillo Outdoor Kitchen versus a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

So one of the things I think is most beneficial from a landscape designer’s point of view is I’ve obviously had dealings in the past where we’ve had custom kitchens. Firstly, there are huge lead times. There are a lot of grey areas and fuzzies with a custom kitchen. Unexpected costs and complexities come up when you’re halfway through the job, and it’s too late to turn back by then! 

There are obviously a lot more costs involved overall in a custom outdoor kitchen, so I think being able to have a product like Grillo where you can utilize the modular system, and make those adjustments with the range that’s already existing to then suit the space you are designing is key. A lot of clients would appreciate that too, because it means they get to see the outdoor kitchen prior to it going into the landscape. And that’s a key element for any larger considered purchase like an outdoor kitchen. 

I also like the fact that there’s also a large range of kitchen products available in the package. So it’s literally a one-stop shop for an outdoor kitchen in any situation.

A lovely outdoor dining spread in front of the outdoor kitchen in this project. Featuring glasses of wine, baguettes on the table, along with a background of a Kamado BBQ, a gas BBQ and outdoor kitchen worktops.

Outdoor Living in Australia

So in the last couple of years, we’ve really understood how important it is to utilise outdoor space. Australia is so versatile with our different living areas. I deal with a lot of different situations where it might be family-based, it might be someone living in an apartment, things like that. So versatility in a product is really important. And that’s why I really like these Grillo outdoor kitchens because the client can buy each modular section separately. There are no hidden costs involved, and if it leads to the client outdoor entertaining and they’re outdoor cooking, it really means they’re spending more time outside, which means I’m doing my job really well!

So, from a designer’s point of view, I look at these outdoor kitchens and I can see it in its setting, and I can see a family cooking, sitting, talking… You know, it’s a feeling when you when you get a product that actually brings people together. That’s why I really like products like Grillo because we’re not only putting a gorgeous outdoor kitchen in, but it’s also giving this real sense of feeling within the garden.

About Danscape Designs

Danscape Designs is a family-owned and operated landscaping and garden maintenance company based on the Mornington Peninsula. They specialise in bringing your garden landscape vision to life and pride themselves on providing personalised and reliable service to each and every one of their clients.

Whether you’re looking for luxury garden design, landscape construction or general garden maintenance, owner Dan and his team have the expertise and passion to transform your outdoor space.


Horkesley Heath, Colchester
Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham
Winchester, Hampshire

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