The evolution of outdoor cooking

There has been a phenomenal progression in outdoor cooking, mirroring a metamorphosis in indoor cooking & socialising.

A Lesson From Indoor Kitchens

The Evolution of the Outdoor KitchenA typical 1970’s indoor kitchen / A modern kitchen and living space

Of all the rooms in the house, it’s surely the kitchen that has seen the greatest change in design and purpose over the last 50 years. Picture, if you dare, an 80s kitchen: A hard-working mum, her hands in the sink; a functional and magnolia place for cooking and washing, certainly not a place where guests were welcome. Now when we design a kitchen, we want it to be at the heart of the home – whether open plan and airy, whether warm and cosy, the kitchen is now the main living space. When friends and family come, it’s the place to congregate, socialise and nibble. The transformation of the kitchen is not just a change of design or aesthetic, but rather a complete change of purpose and function. A metamorphosis; your indoor kitchen is now a butterfly. And butterflies like to be let out.

Outdoors is in

Eat-in is the new eat-out, and outdoors is the in-thing. Wind back 20 years. If you had a barbeque, it was a rickety affair with plastic castors, upon which it was wheeled around the corner out of sight. When the party started, you, the distracted host, were its impatient operator. Torn between the competing demands of pouring drinks, fielding greetings, and constantly returning to your charge to check it wasn’t on fire, you had very little time to do any actual socialising, let alone relaxing. Until finally, halfway through the meal, you would re-emerge – smoky, sweaty, yet triumphant – and start your evening. There is, it turns out, a better way

It’s time to invite the barbeque to the party

They say nothing is more memorable than smell. We concur – decades of barbeque experience has taught us one thing: A running barbeque is a social magnet. The aroma of food on a grill is associated with some of our happiest memories. Make your barbeque the centre of your party and watch people flock. This is part of the genius of outdoor kitchens. Your guests are attracted to the action, and you can cook and converse without having to choose between the two. Serving drinks? Incorporate an outdoor bar. Need seating? Choice of barbeques? A fridge? A sink? A bench? An ice well? The answer is Grillo Vantage.

The futures out

Our vision was always to create outdoor spaces that brought people together to cook and socialise. Places where stories are told, and memories are made. Where the past is recalled, and the future’s untold. It’s 2022, glad you made it.

Go with the flow

Contemporary housing design is all about open-plan spaces flowing from one to another. So when you walk out the back of the home, you should be in your outdoor kitchen. Open the bi-folds, embrace the feeling of fresh air and space and create a seamless transition between indoors and out.

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