Angus BBQ – Electric Connections

Watch the below video to understand what is required when preparing electrics for your Angus BBQ rotisserie and lights.


The Bull Angus BBQ is gas-powered, however, it will also require an electrical supply for the Rotisserie and the internal lights.

The Grillo install team will fit the kitchen units, however, they are not qualified to run electricity from your property to the kitchen. Therefore, you will need to arrange an electrician, and you’re welcome to show him this video which I hope will answer any questions.

The kitchen installers will leave the BBQ with two plugs. These two plugs need to be plugged into a proper outdoor rated double socket.

The socket needs to be fitted fairly near to the Rotisserie motor, because when the motor is not in use, it needs to be detached and unplugged, as this part should be stored inside when not in use.

If your kitchen has a feature wall, the outdoor socket can be fitted above the countertop.

Alternatively, if your kitchen doesn’t have a feature wall, then the socket can be fitted to the rear of the cabinet or in a nearby convenient location.

Please note that if the plugs that come on your BBQ aren’t compatible with your region, then the electrician can just simply change the plugs to your local type.

Regarding the gas – if you’ve ordered a Natural Gas (plumbed in gas) option, then see our separate video on how to get the gas supply connected.

When finished fit the panel back on

If you have any further questions, please email or call us.

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