Pizza Capricciosa

‘’Capricciosa a little bit naughty’’

This is a little bit of a naughty one, but oh so lovely! What’s not to love about a freshly baked pizza? Everyone will enjoy this one all year round! A delicious little crowd-pleaser to get the taste buds all fired up.

Ingredients –  Pizza dough, sliced prosciutto cotto (cooked ham), tomato puree, artichoke hearts cut into quarters, sliced mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella.

Method – Get the oven nice and hot, shape the dough on the worktop by stretching it gently to form your pizza base. Smear on the tomato puree and top with the mozzarella, artichokes, mushrooms, olives and ham. Slide the pizza onto the pizza peel and into the oven; keep turning the pizza as it cooks. Remove, chop, enjoy and eat it all!

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