Great Grillo Gyros

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A vertical rotisserie is not a standard component of the typical BBQ enthusiast’s arsenal. This is where Chef Philli’s Great Grillo Gyros comes in. Forget threading small cubes of meat onto dozens of little sticks for your BBQ party – scaling up is the solution. Gigantic marinated chicken thighs on steel churrasco skewers in your outdoor kitchen will make for kebab meat that is tastier, juicier, easier to cook, and way more impressive… all in the comfort of your own garden. Enjoy!

Serves: 8          Difficulty: Medium          BBQ: Gusto BBQ          Time: 2.5 hours

All the ideas, no gear?

Gusto Charcoal BBQ

The Grillo Gusto BBQ is charcoal-fired, with thick ceramic walls that retain heat, smoke and moisture – resulting in incredible flavours, succulence and tenderness. A true centrepiece in your outdoor kitchen.

Grillo Vantage outdoor kitchen

Grillo Vantage is a design led outdoor kitchen, blending iroko hardwood with beautifully finished carbon steel. Choose from pre designed layouts, or configure your own design online. Get started below!

Great Grillo Gyros Ingredients:

• Cucumber
• Salt & Pepper
• Spices: Coriander seeds, Chilli Flakes, Cumin seeds, Oregano, Thyme, Paprika
• Yogurt
• Lemons
• Dough: Flour, Salt, Dry Yeast, lukewarm Water, Rosemary
• One large Potato
• Ten or more Chicken Thighs
• Garlic
• Fresh Mint
• Red Onion
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Red Onion
• Olive Oil
• Salad

Recipe contributor: Philli Armitage-Mattin

Philli Armitage-Mattin is, in her own words, “a cookbook writer, MasterChef finalist, not-so-secret food nerd, a cat-lover without a cat, [with] a passion for Asian flavours and a love of joking around in front of a camera”. We can independently confirm all of the above (apart from the cat claim!). A finalist at BBC One’s MasterChef the Professionals 2020, she bought a one-way ticket to travel round Asia and experience the culture and food first-hand. Her journeyings have taken in experience at some of the world’s premier Japanese restaurants, and Head Cheffing at the Covent Garden cult restaurant Kebab Queen. The name of which, incidentally, would make a great epithet.

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