Fig & Goat Filos

Signature Vegetarian Starter

Start your BBQ with a flavour explosion of fig and goat’s cheese. Matt Hoggard of Hoggy’s Grill School shows you how easy it is.

‘A flavour explosion’

Ingredients: ready-made filo pastry, fresh figs, goat’s cheese and melted butter

Cut the filo pastry into the eighths, then cut the tops off the figs. Score the figs into quarters, and squeeze from the bottom to open them up, and add a piece of goat’s cheese into each one. Lay 4 pieces of filo on top of each other at different angles, then brush pastry with the melted butter, to make it pliable. Place the fig into the centre and scrunch the pastry around the fig, leaving the top a bit open. Repeat until all are wrapped. Indirect cooking on the Gusto on the grills for 15 minutes. The goat’s cheese should be melted, the fig’s bubbling and the filo pastry gold and brown.

A lovely canape before the main event.

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