Dirty Skirt Steak

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It was my butcher who first told me about cooking steak ‘dirty’. The thought of taking a slab of meat and whacking it straight onto the embers of a real fire was so primal and unsophisticated, that it instantly appealed. Can you picture yourself doing that? That’s right – no grate, no skillet, no fancy equipment, just you, your meat, and your fire. If it scares you, then simply watch Marco Biasetti show you how to pull off this theatrical showstopper in the wood-fired oven – and give it a go as soon as you can. Here’s to your next BBQ recipe – Dirty Skirt Steak!

Serves: 4          Difficulty: Medium          BBQ: Pizza Oven          Time: 20 minutes

All the ideas, no gear?

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Dirty Skirt Steak Ingredients:

• Skirt steak
• Olive Oil
• Salt & Pepper
• Little Gem Lettuce

Recipe contributor: Marco Biasetti – Delivita, UK

A wood-fired pizza is something we tend to look on as an unattainable life skill, but Marco has got the lowdown on creating not just pizzas, but also Calzones, steaks and a whole bunch of other wood-fired goodies that’ll make your taste buds do the happy dance.

Imagine the wood-fired oven as the ultimate rockstar in your outdoor kitchen. “The oven fits in with the kitchen; it’s not a BBQ, it’s not a kamado, but this is a piece of kit which complements the rest of the equipment you have.” Marco tells us. So, toss caution aside like confetti in a woodsmoke-scented breeze, visit your neighborhood butcher, and present a rustic recipe at your table for a truly exceptional char-grilled spectacle.

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