5 Secret Butcher’s Steaks

Meat Masterclass     |    Gusto Charcoal BBQ     |    Mike Malloy

Rump steak is an old favourite. Especially if you’re talking to a craft butcher. Rump offers a mighty flavour, yet the butcher’s bill is far humbler than that of a fillet. Skillfully split up into individual muscles in the Grillo Outdoor Kitchen, meat-master Mike offers a secret something for everyone: From rich and fatty to lean and juicy; from the tail of the fillet to a flavoursome fillet alternative. With Mike’s meat masterclass, you can absolutely kill a BBQ with these 5 secret steaks. Enjoy!

All the ideas, no gear?

Gusto Charcoal BBQ

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Cooking a pork shoulder with Mike Malloy from Malloy's Craft Butchery in the Grillo Outdoor Kitchen

Recipe contributor: Mike Malloy

Join us in the Grillo kitchen studio with Mike Malloy, founder of Malloy’s Craft Butchery. Meat lover and BBQ enthusiast, Mike has over 16 years of experience as a professional butcher, having joined the trade at 12 years old. He specialises in craft butchery and farms some of his own beef, including a Jersey-wagyu cross coined ‘Jagyu’.

In Mike’s own words: “I LOVE meat.” His juicy stories and meat masterclass tips will keep you entertained, and his “secret butcher’s steaks” are worth their weight in Wagyu… check out the full Grillo’d series online!

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