Hang it, Season it

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Spice variety is the life of BBQ. So wrote one of our designers when asked for his comments on Hang It, Season It. It’s a terrible paraphrasing attempt, but it happens to be true. Generally when barbequing, we use far more spices and seasonings than we do for indoor cooking.

Partly that’s because the bolder flavours of BBQ cooking demand more potent flavours to complement them. Partly it’s because spice is nice. Keep those spices close to hand when grilling with Hang It, Season It.

40cm long, 6cm across and 6cm deep, Hang It, Season It is perfectly sized to take 8 standard sized spice pots. Its shallow height ensures you can ‘stack’ multiple racks vertically, should your spice collection require the space. Or you can simply put two side by side on all full-size (120cm) cabinet Feature Walls.

If you don’t want to leave your spices out, or need them in the indoor kitchen, simply lift Hang It, Season It from the Slatted feature wall and put it back in your spice cupboard. Ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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