What fuel should I use in my Charcoal BBQ?

For the best grilling experience, we recommend using high-quality charcoal as opposed to briquettes. Look for hardwood lump charcoal or those labelled ‘all-natural’ when making your purchase. Avoid purchasing charcoal that you see on a garage forecourt or that is labelled ‘easy light’ as this is full of toxic chemicals.

Hardwood lump or ‘all natural’ charcoal is better to use in your charcoal BBQ for a number of reasons. Read on to find out why!

1. No Unwanted Chemicals

Briquettes are made with additives, binders and fillers. This causes unwanted chemical odours and aromas which will absorb into the porous ceramic walls of the grill, leading to the subsequent contamination of your food.


2. Natural

Hardwood lump charcoal is a pure wood composition with no additives or fillers. This purity enhances the taste of your grilled food and eradicates any chemical aftertaste.


3. Higher Heat

Lump charcoal has the ability to reach much higher temperatures than briquettes. This makes them far better for rapid cooking and also searing, which is particularly beneficial for thicker cuts of meat.


4. Less Ash Production

All-natural charcoal will produce considerably less ash than briquettes, meaning that far less maintenance is needed to clean the grill. In addition, this also leads to improved airflow, promoting consistent and even heat distribution.


5. Environmentally Friendly

‘All natural’ or hardwood lump charcoal is predominantly made from sustainably sourced wood and is, therefore, more environmentally friendly.

Although briquettes are a cheaper option, many will agree that upgrading to high-quality charcoal will enhance, not only the flavours but the entire cooking experience.

Which firelighters?

Avoid using ‘instant light’ firelighters. These are full of harmful chemicals and ‘easy light’ fuels that will infiltrate into the porous ceramic walls of your charcoal barbecue. Instead, use natural firelighters.

Small tip: If you haven’t got any firelighters, use kitchen roll soaked in oil. It will give a slow and log burn, similar to a firelighter.

Can I Use Wood in my Charcoal BBQ?

You could also choose to use wood chunks in your charcoal barbecue if you want to add further flavour. However, we do advise that these are used sparingly and charcoal is primarily used.

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