DIY SOS Harlow

Outdoor Kitchen in Harlow, Essex

We wanted to share this incredible project for Butterfly Effect Wellbeing charity, which was featured on BBC’s DIY SOS and pulled together by the whole team!

We loved being a part of this project that was based at The Latton Bush Center in Harlow. The outdoor space includes a spacious outdoor kitchen area, including a Gas Grill Station that was fully equipped and stocked, therapy rooms for meditation and yoga as well as an open garden with exercising area and a bounty of foliage, carefully selected by the garden designer.

Butterfly Effect Wellbeing’s mission is to improve mental wellbeing of local individuals that are facing life’s challenges to create a community, which aligns with Grillo’s mission, which is to bring people together around food and flames.

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Grillo’s Outdoor Kitchen donation to Butterfly Effect Wellbeing is a testament to the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its commitment to giving back to the community. This contribution will allow this incredible charity to expand their services and offer a welcoming environment where individuals can learn new skills, cook together, and build a sense of community around the center and around the BBQ!

Grillo Outdoor Kitchen donated to Butterfly Effects Wellbeing, featured on DIY SOS in December 2023 Christmas Special

We are excited to see the positive impact this donation will have on the lives of the people using Butterfly Effect Wellbeing support groups and we hope that our donation will bring fun and laughter to the gardens of the Latton Bush Center, providing a space for culinary creativity and fun workshops!

To see more about this project, visit our website to read our blog about this incredible project:

Butterfly Effect Wellbeing charity website:

A big Thank you goes out to the BBC team and The Latton Bush Center, along with the local trades and merchants in Harlow for their excellent support and dedication in making this vision a reality.

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