Best Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens

Nothing beats sitting outside with friends, enjoying a slice of wood-fired pizza that you cooked in your own outdoor pizza oven. If this sounds like your perfect evening, but you could do with some inspiration to get you started, then take a look at some of the best outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens available today.

Why Should I Get An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

There are so many reasons why an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven should be your next purchase. I could wax lyrical, listing off how easy it is to prepare and yet how impressive the outcome is, how the whole party can get in on the fun, how authentic pizza is a sly way of getting the kids to eat something healthy, how wonderfully delicious and romantic and captivating it is to cook such an ancient and simple food using just an Italian-style wood-fired oven… But I won’t. Because Marco Biasetti can say it far better than I can. Check the videos below, and immerse yourself in that most fabled of Italian culinary delights – pizza.





Small but mighty: Kitchen S.680

Can this even be called an outdoor kitchen? Barely, but it sure is a neat little pizza oven layout, and its classy elegance would complement any style of garden.

Perfect if you’re just after a simple pizza oven base, but you don’t like the ubiquitous wheeled-trolley style. Not least because most of them would grace your patio like a block of flats would grace Castle Combe. Edit this layout to include gas-hinge door fronts, a feature wall, or even a standing bar behind.

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens compact U layout

Large L-Shaped Kitchen

We love this large outdoor kitchen and pizza oven project in Bosham, Chichester. We also love the photos, kindly sent to us by Laura. A beautiful layout, beautifully dressed, on a beautiful summer’s evening – it must be pizza time. Pizza is a great way to get the kids involved in cooking, and as it’s an outdoor kitchen, the resultant mess can be cleaned up with a hose.

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens large L layout

Large U-Shaped Kitchen

There is something for everyone in this glorious, large, U-shaped kitchen in Hale, Altrincham. It features a gas BBQ, Chef’s Anvil, bar seating, ice well, two built-in fridges and last but certainly not least, a pizza oven placed neatly in the corner. Many a merry evening will be spent here.

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens large U layout

Large L-Shaped Kitchen

This symmetrical L-shaped outdoor kitchen and pizza oven look the part in this glorious garden in Kingston (upon Thames, not Jamaica – note the typically British weather and absence of palm trees). It includes a gas BBQ, tarn sink, outdoor fridge, ice well and a wood-fired pizza oven. Having no feature walls allows uninterrupted views over the landscaped gardens.

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens large L layout

Wood-fire cooking: Small Kitchen L.870

A tidy L-shaped layout for the outdoor chef who values the flavour of real fire in his/her food. And who values tastefulness and elegance in the design of his/her outdoor kitchen-pizza oven-Gusto kamado combo. Logs and herbs to hand, pizza-making tools ready to draw, a choice of bourbons – this has to be one of my favourite layouts. The open frontage style gives a slightly softer look that perfectly complements both the contemporary patio and the original Victorian brick. For a sleeker look, edit this layout to include gas-hinged doors.

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens compact U layout

Compact U-Shaped Kitchen

This compact U-shaped kitchen in Totteridge is an interesting layout, fitting a lot of features into a small space. Pizza oven and toolrail, gas grill, fridge, sink, closed shelving and a herb planter all fit in without feeling cluttered. For added interest, the whole kitchen sits upon a unique and eclectic selection of patterned patio tiles. Very original.

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens compact U layout

Which is the Best Pizza Oven?

The best pizza oven for outdoor kitchens? That’s an easy one. Delivita are market leaders in the UK for a reason. Their authentic Italian-style wood-fired pizza ovens heat up in just 25 minutes, and can cook a pizza every 90 seconds. Delivita have a full range of high quality, olivewood-handled accessories. They are included in the price quoted on our website. Order Delivita’s organic pizza dough online and that’s the tricky bit sorted!

Made in England

Delivita’s pizza ovens are made in England, as indeed are all Grillo kitchen cabinets. Delivita manufacture in Yorkshire. Well known for its tea and pudding, Yorkshire can now add to its list of contributions to Great British Cuisine the finest authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

Food & Flames: The Grillo Life

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