1. Most Classy

There were many kitchens that could be put here. But we had to choose one… A tidier example of a well thought-out, well executed garden renovation is hard to imagine.

Beautiful outdoor kitchen from Grillo on a grey stone patio with stunning stone veneer within this Landscape Gardener's project.

2. Best Bar

The garden bar trend grew hugely during the pandemic. There were plenty of great bar set ups that could’ve been top of the podium, but we managed to designate a winner…

Outdoor kitchen Ideas from Grillo, for those who like a modern approach. This pergola is the perfect cover for the cooking and dining area.

3. Most Viewed

Well may have already seen this one, if you’re one of the millions who watch Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden on ITV. We were delighted to be part of this one – a great cause and a great result.

Outdoor Kitchen idea from ITV's Love Your Garden. Complete with decking and planters.

4. Most English, feat. Pool

Nothing I can say will do this garden justice. There’s a button below. Click on it. Look at the pictures.

This beautiful outdoor kitchen is set behind a luxurious swimming pool.

5. Most English, feat. Purple Flowers

One of our all-time favourite gardens. A contemporary but wonderfully timeless English garden. Smooth natural stone mixes with traditional clay pavers; tidy box hedging competes with wild, overflowing flower borders. And a garden bench from which to contemplate it all. Lovely.

A lovely Outdoor Kitchen Idea in Reigate with purple flowers.

6. Highest

Ok, so I haven’t actually done the math on this, but it’s definitely one of the higher installs we’ve completed this year. With unobstructed views across London, it’s also one of the more memorable.

Outdoor kitchen on rooftop terrace in Blackfriars, London with a city backdrop.

7. Best Before & After

This awesome charity had a huge make over. And it wasn’t complete without a Grillo outdoor kitchen! BBC DIY SOS airs in 18th December at 20:00 and again at 15:00 on 24th December on BBC One. Tune in to see the big reveal!

Butterfly Effect Wellbeing, featured on DIY SOS

8. Remotest

Our guys in Australia says this is a classic bush install. An extraordinary home deep in the wilds of the Blue Mountains offers a distinctly different way of life.

This outdoor kitchen idea is from New South Wales! What a great spot for grilling.

9. Most Disney

An Englishman’s home is his castle. But if you head north, a Scotsman’s castle is his castle. This fairytale manor in Selkirkshire once hosted the famous civil war general and US President, Ulysses S. Grant. The outdoor kitchen was added sometime after that.

Best outdoor kitchen 2023

10. Most Travelled

This is Grill Rover’s Australian cousin. Grill Cruiser has been making light work of the 10 hour commute between Sydney and Melbourne. Which is the equivalent of driving from London to Hamburg, i.e. practically next door in Australian terms.

The Grill Cruiser is our Australian mobile outdoor kitchen!

11. Best Indoors/Outdoors

This accolade could only really go to one project – the one where a grand piano and Grillo kitchen sit side-by-side. Unusual stablemates, sure. But then this Grand Designs project is not the average house.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for those who want there outdoor cooking space an extension of their indoor space. Beautiful stone lines the backing of this Grillo outdoor kitchen.

12. Best Holiday Home

We’ve long said that an outdoor kitchen is like a holiday in your back garden. This, then, is a holiday within a holiday; a holiday Russian doll, if you will.

Incredible outdoor kitchen at Silverlake Dorchester, a holiday home of envy.

13. Most English, feat. Yorkshire

We love this fine property, constructed from local Millstone Grit. Situated in the Yorkshire spa town of Ilkley, it’s a testament to the owner’s good taste in its skillful juxtaposition of traditional architecture and contemporary garden styling.

Outdoor kitchen ideas for those with beautiful stone houses! This one in Yorkshire is a delight to behold.

14. Best Use of a Small Space

Not everyone wants a large outdoor kitchen. It might look simple, but we really like this small layout in Leatherhead. Tucked away behind a beech hedge, it’s there when you need it, but out of sight when you don’t.

This outdoor kitchen is set against lovely autumn leaves in this outdoor living area, complete with a pizza oven.

15. Most Famous

Do you recognize this kitchen layout? Our outdoor kitchen studio at RAF Little Walden has seen a few famous chef faces. Philli Armitage-Mattin, Tristan Welch, Marco Biasetti, Charlie Jefferies and, rumour has it, …Ainsley Harriott?

The Grillo Studio - the best outdoor kitchen ever! Complete with gas BBQ, pizza oven and fairy lights.

16. Best of ’22 Revisited

A garden is for life, not just for Christmas. The garden at this property in Stoke D’Abernon was impressive when we first saw it, but it’s transformed now the plantings have matured two years on.

A comfortable outdoor seating area accompanies this outdoor kitchen.

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