Grillo Cupboards - storage tips

Why have enclosed cupboards in your outdoor kitchen?

Although it’s rare that anyone keeps their cups and saucers or best cutlery outdoors, enclosed cupboard space provides an excellent place to stow away the BBQ covers and keep any BBQ utensils close to hand. Once the party gets started and you are preparing your entire meal outdoors, cupboard space is ideal for ensuring the worktops are clear of clutter, and any mess is behind closed doors!

gusto bbqTidy worktops once the party gets started? Mission accomplished.

cupboard doors Cupboard doors give a sleek and enclosed look to the kitchen.

Are Grillo kitchen cupboards waterproof?

The cupboards are not designed to be watertight – and particularly if you choose the Habitat rear fascia, which has a cut-out design feature – see pictures below showing the two design options for the rear of Grillo Vantage cabinets.

vantage cabinetGrillo Signature fascia: sleek, neutral, with subtle branding

vantage cabinetGrillo Habitat fascia: a beautiful design feature is cut out of the metal

What if I want to keep things in my cupboards all year round?

It’s important to note that spiders, dust and damp will find their way into pretty much any outdoor cupboard unless it is completely sealed.  If you are wanting to store items in the cupboards all year round, airtight plastic boxes will keep things in tip-top condition. After your BBQ party is over, simply wash up and stow your utensils back away inside the boxes so they will be clean and ready for the next party at a minute’s notice.

One of our customers sent us some pictures of a very organised Grillo kitchen, as seen below. Thank you Sally, great job! 👍

Final words:

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