Can I move my Grillo Kitchen?

Short answer: A Grillo outdoor kitchen should ideally not be moved. And there are a number of reasons why you might not want to move it anyway.

How far do you want to move it?

An outdoor kitchen is like an indoor kitchen – once it’s in place, you don’t move it. And if you do, just like Humpty Dumpty, it’s unlikely to go together quite as well as it did before. If you are just shuffling the kitchen along a few inches, this is more likely to be possible, although you should consider how you have fixed down your kitchen and carefully check the points below. If you want to move the kitchen somewhere else on your property, or to another property, you are much more likely to encounter problems.

Are you moving house?

No one considers taking their indoor kitchen when they move house; an outdoor kitchen is no different. Not only will it add value to the property you are selling, it is likely that you will need a new kitchen at your new property, where your patio and requirements are likely to be different. Leave the old kitchen to your buyer – they will love it and you’ll get a brand new kitchen.

Can you move cabinets individually?

Usually, the Grillo kitchen cabinets are fixed together by our installation team and then fixed down by you. These fixings would all need to be removed and re-fitted if you wanted to move the kitchen. This could affect the health and integrity of whatever flooring you have underneath, as well as the kitchen itself.

Moving may damage the kitchen

The porcelain worktops are glued in place upon installation. Lifting or sliding the cabinets after installation can cause chipping of the corners of porcelain worktops. Sliding the cabinets after removing the base fixings could bend or snap the cabinet feet.

Can I lift the cabinets?

The kitchen cabinets are heavy and should have been fixed down after your installation. The Porcelain worktops alone require a 2-man lift, so you can imagine how cumbersome moving a whole kitchen or even just a unit might be. Our fitters have specialist equipment and training in handling such heavy items. We suggest you don’t try!

The cabinets may not re-align correctly

Our fitters adjust each cabinet individually to ensure they are all aligned properly before connecting. Therefore your kitchen may not realign correctly after moving, especially on uneven surfaces.

Will moving the kitchen affect my warranty?

Almost definitely. Our warranty only covers kitchens that have been installed by our professional installation teams and trained tradespeople. Therefore, any damage caused during or as a result of the move and subsequent reinstallation will not be covered by the warranty.

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