Can I incorporate my existing Gas BBQ into my Grillo Outdoor Kitchen?

Special designing and testing go into making it possible for a grill to be built-in. For example, in most gas barbecues the fat tray is accessed from the rear which would make them inappropriate for incorporating into an outdoor kitchen.  In addition, there are also ventilation requirements that must be considered. It is for this reason that very few barbecues can be included in an Outdoor Kitchen layout. An example is the well-known brand ‘Weber’ who only have two integrative barbecues.

Of course, there is the option to create a layout which surrounds your existing gas barbecue appliance however, this doesn’t quite create the same seamless effect as an integrated grill.

Grillo Outdoor Kitchens are designed to provide an entire solution that is both functional and stylish. Therefore, we have opted to include Bull Grills in our outdoor kitchens as they meet our requirements of being user-friendly, great for grilling, and are designed to be built-in, giving that seamless look.

Click this link to read a full comparison between Bull and Weber BBQs.