Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Why have an outdoor pizza oven?...

The main benefit of having an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven is that it creates a great gathering place. Making pizzas is one of the most inclusive social activities out there – it brings friends and family together around dancing flames, home-cooked authentic tasting food, and of course some gooey, bubbly, cheesy heaven!

Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven close up of DeliVita

What is the best outdoor pizza oven?

Tried, tested, the best on the market, without a doubt, it has to be… The Delivita! It looks stylish, modern and neat! Cooks amazing, portable and easy to use!

Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven Margarita Pizza

How long does it take to heat or cook?

We supply Grillo outdoor kitchens with DeliVita pizza oven, which take just 25 minutes to heat up and can cook a 12-inch pizza in just 90 seconds – much better than waiting over an hour for a cold takeaway! It’s as easy as heat-to-eat in less than 35 minutes.

We tried and tested this at Grillo HQ, and can confirm excellent results!

Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven Steak
Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Cutting

What else can I cook in my pizza oven?

Once you’ve got the hang of your pizza oven you will be able to cook an array of dishes that extend way beyond a standard pizza, such as BBQ ribs, steaks, seasoned chips, hot desserts, roasted vegetables & potatoes plus much, much more. Try some for yourself, it will likely spark a new passion in you or even become a new business venture!

We often get asked, What results can I expect? Flavours you just can’t get from a traditional oven. Don’t get stuck with a soggy bottom and the same old same old flavours… Get amazing results with your pizza oven with a delicious puffy top and scrumptious crispy bottom with the authentic smoked flavour you just can’t get with an indoor oven! Get creative, and try using different wood chips for different smokey flavours.

Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven dough

Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven prosecco

Is an outdoor pizza oven worth it?

Yes, absolutely yes! Get friends and family involved! – Your friends and family will not only enjoy eating in your Grillo outdoor kitchen but can get involved in the cooking also, get creating a cocktail of different dishes to be cooked in your pizza oven! Like Grillo kitchens, the Delivita pizza oven is handcrafted in the UK.

People often ask us if you can use your pizza oven all year round… well why wouldn’t you? We encourage you to use your Grillo Kitchen all year, don’t limit your enjoyment to just the summer months! Embrace your flavours all year, cosy up on a beautiful crisp winters day, get the Christmas party started outside guaranteed to get the neighbours jealous with your amazing creations and wonderful aromas.

You will need some equipment and accessories to get your pizza oven going. So at Grillo, rather than have you searching through the web, we provide you with everything you need, from your pizza peel, dough scraper, we even supply you with a tester wood pack. As soon as it’s installed you are ready to get your cook on!

When you are finished, there is no need to clean inside the pizza oven with cleaning products, simply sweep out the ash if it’s built up and use warm soapy water if the front panel if required. There is no need to put the fire out – it’s like your charcoal BBQ – simply let the fire die out.

Where can I put a Pizza Oven?

If you are wondering whether you need a special worktop or area to put your investment, well… the Delivita pizza oven can be placed on any Grillo Vantage worktop. So put the concrete mixer away, no need to worry about it taking up space!

Making pizzas and other dishes… as we all know, this can be a messy job, with flour, dough and tomato sauce all over your worktops. The journey to creating your masterpieces – especially when there are young children or family involved – can create a lot of cleaning up. However, with your outdoor kitchen, your worktops can be quickly and easily hosed down after the party, taking the stress out of cleaning!

Hungry yet?… We know we are 😊

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From your traditional Margarita pizza to Tagliata di Manzo we have something for everyone.

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